Adam DeVine Is Tormented by an Evil Smartphone

Lionsgate has just dropped a new Green Band trailer for Jexi. The comedy tells the story of a smartphone’s A.I. assistant taking over Phil’s (Adam Devine) life. At the start, things seem to be working out perfectly, but that soon changes. The Siri-like application quickly learns how to ruin Phil’s life. While that should be scary, it’s actually hilarious in the trailer. In addition to Adam Devine, the move also stars Alexandra Shipp, Ron Funches, Charlyne Yi, Wanda Sykes, Justin Hartley, Kid Cudi, Michael Peña, and Rose Byrne as the voice of Jexi.

In Jexi, Phil (Adam DeVine) has a major dependency issue – he’s addicted to his phone. While a lot of people are addicted to their smartphones these days, Phil has no friends, he has a job writing pop culture Top 10 lists, and his love life is non-existent. However, this all changes in a big way when he is forced to upgrade his phone. The latest smartphone model comes with an unexpected feature… Jexi (Rose Byrne) – an A.I. life coach, virtual assistant, and cheerleader, all rolled into one handy feature. Everything seems to be working out for the better.

With the help of Jexi, Phil begins to get a real life outside his home and away from his smartphone. But as he becomes less dependent on his phone, Jexi‘s artificial intelligence morphs into a tech nightmare determined to keep Phil all to herself, even if it means ruining his chances of finding success. The Jexi trailer finds the A.I. tech draining Phil’s bank account, sending coworkers NSFW imagery, insulting his boss, and giving him the wrong weather reports. The Green Band trailer is pretty similar to the Red Band version, just with the R-rated humor cut out.

Jexi was first announced last year when Workaholics star Adam Devine signed on to headline the comedy. It appears that Jexi comes with a commentary on the dangers of smartphone addiction in the real-world, but told with a humorous framing. The role of Phil looks like it is perfect for Devine, who has been taking on a number of other roles recently, including Isn’t it Romantic and Magic Camp, which is now in post-production.

Jexi is written and directed by Jon Lucas & Scott Moore (The Hangover) and produced by Suzanne Todd (Bad Moms). CBS Films and Entertainment One in conjunction with Lionsgate will release the comedy in theaters on October 11th. That specific release date also sees the premieres of Gemini Man and the animated Addams Family, which could end up in a box office battle. With that being said, Jexi is a completely different movie from the others set to premiere on that same date and that may end up working in its favor when the initial dust settles. While we wait for the movie to hit theaters next month, you can watch the trailer below, thanks to the Lionsgate Movies YouTube channel.

<strong><em>Jexi</em></strong> movie poster

Adam DeVine Is Tormented by an Evil Smartphone

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