Meet the Stuntman Who Helped Inspire Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time

‘Stuntmen don’t fear death, they defy it!’ That’s the motto behind iconic Hollywood stuntman Gary Kent. He serves as one of the inspirations behind Bard Pitt’s character in Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Kent is now profiled in the high flying, danger ducking new documentary Danger God, which will leave you breathless. Wild Eye Releasing has our first look at the trailer.

Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood has been tearing up the box office for the past two weeks, and it has ignited quite a bit of conversation, perhaps more than any other movie released this summer. At the heart of this Tinseltown fantasia rests the relationship between fading Western star Rick Dalton and his longtime stuntman Cliff Booth. Both characters have been culled from numerous inspirations, with Gary Kent one of the many to help fuel the tales we see play out.

Gary Kent is just one of the inspirations for Brad Pitt’s character in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, and we get to see what makes him so special as profiled in director Joe O’Connell’s Danger God. The famed filmmaker ‘loosely’ based Pitt’s stuntman character ‘Cliff Booth’ on Kent, and his own run in with the Manson Family at Spahn Ranch. That interaction serves as a key set piece in Tarantino’s drama, and is one of the most tense scenes in the entire film.

Available on digital August 6 and on DVD September 17, Danger God fixes in on one of the legends of the game, Gary Kent. Though the king of B movies in the Sixties and Seventies, working for indie directors from Richard Rush to Ray Dennis Steckler to Al Adamson, Kent tackled even larger real-life challenges.

Professional stuntman Gary Kent has made a hard-earned name for himself in over 50 years of falling, burning, jumping, fighting and breaking himself for some of the most cherished independent and B-movies of the 20th Century. This is his story, from the anything goes days of the drive-in era, including his run in with Charles Manson and his infamous family, to his personal battles and triumphs with health, alcoholism and love. Features interviews with Monte Hellman, Duane Eddy, Richard Rush, Marc Singer and more.

Danger God is available from Wild Eye Releasing on digital August 6 and on DVD September 17. Along with the trailer, we also have the colorful poster for the movie, which looks like it could slide right in with Once Upon a Time In Hollywood‘s marketing, and may be required viewing for any one enamored with Tarantino’s latest and some of the true tall tales that rest behind it.

Danger God poster

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Meet the Stuntman Who Helped Inspire Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time

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