Ronda Rousey Fights Killer Tables and It’s Pretty Bonkers

Ronda Rousey has released a trailer for a horror movie called Tables. There isn’t some hidden meaning in that title either. It’s literally a B horror flick about killer furniture. Some of her wrestling friends are along for the ride, with Travis Browne, Julia DeMars, Devon Hughes and Saraya Bevis all popping up in this utterly bizarre creation. It’s so bizarre, one has to wonder, is this even real?

The trailer kicks off with Ronda Rousey and a few of her wrestling buddies getting together in a secluded cabin for a quiet getaway. It seems peaceful, until it doesn’t. Things quickly devolve as wrestler D-Von discovers some tables, yes regular tables, are stalking them in the woods. Instead of staying “dead” they are multiplying, which is problematic since these tables have killer instincts. The rest of the trailer plays out like a standard, horribly low budget in-the-woods slasher, only with murderous inanimate objects, as opposed to people with knives and such. A brief logline was also released, which reads as follows.

“All hell breaks loose on a peaceful retreat as a strange and violent force terrorizes Browsey Acres. The stipulations have changed for Ronda Rousey and friends in the brand new survival horror, Tables.”

This whole thing sprang up because Devon “D-Von Dudley” Hughes destroyed a great many tables during his wrestling career. The idea is that these tables are now coming back for revenge. Chicago-based cinematographer Kyle Nilges and writer/producer Justin Golightly co-directed the creation and, best as we can tell, that’s how it came to be.

There seems to be an awful lot of confusion as to whether or not this is a real, feature-length movie. Are we going to see more than this trailer released down the line? Certain outlets can’t quite figure out the situation in that regard. Doing some digging, it seems more like this is just a trailer designed to sell some related promotional products, what they describe as a “ridiculous amount” of said products, such as shirts. On an official page for the project, the following is stated.

“The world of Tables doesn’t end with the trailer. We have deleted scenes, a gag reel, and a ridiculous amount of Tables promotional stuff! Testify!”

Best as we can figure, there is no full-length movie. It’s a trailer and a gag reel, both of which we’ve included for you to check out. We also have a poster and a couple of Instagram posts Ronda Rousey put up to help promote Tables around the time the trailer dropped. Even though it doesn’t appear as though a full movie is making its way online or, heaven forbid, in theaters, this trailer is absolutely bonkers and falls squarely in the needs to be seen to be believed category. Check out the Tables trailer from the Ronda Rousey YouTube channel for yourself.

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Ronda Rousey Fights Killer Tables and It’s Pretty Bonkers

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