Scream Queen Felissa Rose Is Killer Nun Sister Monday

We have a new trailer for A Nun’s Curse from the folks at Uncork’d Entertainment. This is cut from the same cloth, albeit a much more cost-effective cloth, as The Conjuring universe movies, and effectively serves as a mockbuster version of The Nun, which was the highly successful 2018 Conjuring 2 spin-off. Inevitably, somebody decided to take a similar concept and apply to the low-budget horror flick model, and that person is filmmaker Tommy Faircloth (Generation Ax, Dollface).

The trailer opens up with a shot of a girl being terrorized by a not-so-stealthy, creepy nun in her room. We then transition to a group of friends who are taking a little sojourn to check out an old, creepy convent, which looks like the kind of place that everyone except mischievous young people would avoid. We then come to learn about a mysterious figure named Sister Monday (Felissa Rose) who used to roam around these sacred grounds as a living being, and has now taken to haunting them. There is blood, screams and a particularly fitting tagline to boot.

“She will prey.”

It makes every bit of sense that this movie exists. The mockbuster movie business has been a staple of the industry for decades, and The Conjuring universe is about as big as it gets in the horror landscape these days. To date, the franchise, since the original was released in 2013, has grossed $1.9 billion at the global box office, with The Nun earning a series-best $363 million. If even the smallest fraction of that kind of success can be captured for a low-budget offering such as this, even if it’s mostly out of morbid curiosity, why not?

It does serve as a decent reminder that The Nun 2 is currently in development. Akela Cooper (Luke Cage) was brought in by Warner Bros. to pen the screenplay in April 2019, but no official announcements have been made since then. It had previously been said that the sequel was expected to be the next Conjuring spin-off, but no release date has been set.

A Nun’s Curse centers on a group of friends who take a weekend trip and are forced to seek shelter inside an abandoned prison. It just so happens that this is where a nun named Sister Monday had once been assigned. During her time there, the woman of faith was suspected of killing prisoners who were serving out their sentences. Before she could be questioned, she disappeared. This group of friends will be exposed to the terrifying truth as they wander the prison grounds.

The cast is led by Felissa Rose (Sleepaway Camp, Silent Night) as Sister Monday, with Damian Maffei (The Strangers: Prey at Night) and Gunner Willis (The Resident) also on board. A Nun’s Curse is set to arrive on DVD and Digital on May 12 from Uncork’d Entertainment. Be sure to check out the new trailer for yourself.

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Scream Queen Felissa Rose Is Killer Nun Sister Monday

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