Sextuplets Trailer Has Marlon Wayans Channeling His Inner Klump to Play 6 Siblings

Netflix has dropped the first trailer for their upcoming Sextuplets movie. Marlon Wayans stars and plays six characters in the comedy. Playing multiple characters in a comedy is not a new idea, but Wayans seems to be putting his own spin on things, though there have immediately been the inevitable comparisons to Eddie Murphy’s roles in Coming to America and the Nutty Professor franchise. Mike Myers also did the same thing in the Austin Powers franchise.

Sextuplets features Marlon Wayans’ character Alan as he and his wife are expecting their first child. Before the baby comes, Alan is intent on finding his birth mother and while doing research, he meets his brother, Russell, and discovers that he was born a sextuplet. From there, the duo seek to find the four other siblings (all played by Wayans, like Eddie Murphy’s Klumps). Things unfold rather quickly in the trailer as we’re introduced to all of Alan’s siblings and everything goes off the rails. There’s talk of organ transplants, drugs, and a lot of physical comedy.

The Alan character is the only one that really looks like Marlon Wayans. There’s no makeup or CGI effects to drastically change his appearance. Russell is heavy set and seems to be a bit on the nervous side, though he likes to sleep in the nude. Ethan, who also doesn’t have a tone of makeup or effects, is the sibling who is good at sniffing out money and can figure out where you buy your groceries. Baby Pete finds Marlon Wayans using some CGI to shrink his body down and that character is in the hospital in need of a kidney transplant.

Netflix original comedy Sextuplets also features two more of Alan’s siblings. We get a hint of Jaspar, but he’s not really given too much spotlight in the trailer. He’s apparently the intellectual one of the family. And last but not least, we have Dawn, an exotic dancer who was just recently released from prison and likes to use party drugs. Marlon Wayans’ style of comedy is all over the trailer and one can easily see his fans enjoying just about everything about it, from the bizarre characters in makeup to the physical comedy aspects.

Marlon Wayans produces Sextuplets with his White Chicks and Naked producer Rick Alvarez, along with Nathan Reimann. Michael Tiddes, who directed Wayans in A Haunted House and Naked is behind the camera again. The comedy marks the fifth time that Tiddes and Wayans have collaborated together as director and actor, their previous credits include the aforementioned movies with A Haunted Houses 2 and Fifty Shades of Black. Sextuplets is all set to premiere August 16th, exclusively on Netflix. While we wait a few more weeks for the movie to premiere, you can check out the trailer below, thanks to the Netflix YouTube channel. As for White Chicks 2, we’ll just have to keep waiting for now.

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Sextuplets Trailer Has Marlon Wayans Channeling His Inner Klump to Play 6 Siblings

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