The Irishman Trailer Arrives, Martin Scorsese Reunites with Robert De Niro & Joe Pesci

Director Martin Scorsese’s new movie The Irishman stars Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, and Al Pacino and is all set to open the New York Film Festival before hitting theaters and then Netflix later this year. To say that the new gangster movie by Martin Scorcese is much-anticipated doesn’t really do it justice. But all the same, today we have the teaser trailer for you to behold.

The Irishman is an epic saga of organized crime in post-war America told through the eyes of World War II veteran Frank Sheeran, a hustler and hitman who worked alongside some of the most notorious figures of the 20th century. Spanning decades, the film chronicles one of the greatest unsolved mysteries in American history, the disappearance of legendary union boss Jimmy Hoffa, and offers a monumental journey through the hidden corridors of organized crime: its inner workings, rivalries and connections to mainstream politics.

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Fans of Martin Scorsese gangster movies from Goodfellas to Casino will notice that The Irishman keeps at the style and violence we’ve all come to expect from a Scorsese movie starring DeNiro. But one strange aspect is that the film looks to be keeping with the current trend of making old actors young again. Such as Samuel L. Jackson in Marvel’s recent mega-hit Captain Marvel and Carrie Fischer’s Princess Leia in the recent-ish Star Wars spin-off Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Usually, I find the method to be slightly creepy, and this trailer does nothing to change that. But that said, it looks to be handled with a better hand here than I’ve seen before. So that’s good.

As you will see in a minute once you have the chance to check out the teaser trailer for yourself, this footage is mostly about the above-mentioned trio of Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, and Al Pacino. Which, you know, makes sense and everything considering this is a movie about their characters. I just wanted a better look at some of the other members of the killer cast including Bobby Cannavale (Ant-Man and the Wasp), Harvey Keitel (The Last Temptation of Christ), Ray Romano (yes, THAT Ray Romano), and Jesse Plemons (Breaking Bad, Fargo, Black Mirror). While this first teaser trailer leaves the rest of the cast in the shadows, we do get a pretty good look at Anna Paquin as Robert DeNiro’s wife – even if she doesn’t get to speak.

For those of you out there (like me) that might not know, Martin Scorses’ The Irshman is based on a nonfiction book called I Heard You Paint Houses by a dude named Charles Brandt. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and Exodus: Gods and Kings screenwriter Steven Zaillian penned the adaptation which Netflix paid a whopping $125 million to produce. The film tells the tale of the man responsible for the death of the legendary Jimmy Hoffa (played in this film by Al Pacino). That man is Frank Sheeran (played by DeNiro), and the hit is ordered by Pennsylvania mob boss Russell Bufalino (played by Joe Pesci).

As mentioned above, The Irishman will be hosting its World Premiere at the New York Film Festival on September 27, 2019. The film is then set to have a theatrical release later this year before it’s officially unleashed to the masses over on Netflix by the end of this year. Meanwhile, this teaser trailer comes to us from Netflix over on YouTube.

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The Irishman Trailer Arrives, Martin Scorsese Reunites with Robert De Niro & Joe Pesci

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